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GTS completes over 500 Cisco WiFi Radio Installations for a Major MSO

GTS was recently tasked with the installation of over 500 Cisco WiFi Radios in the Omaha Nebraska area for a major MSO. The deployments took place during the months of April and May of 2014.

The increased wireless footprint will serve as an added service to the MSO's existing business and residential customers. With the addition of these WiFi Radios, customers can now access the internet through their WiFi-enabled devices from over 500 different points throughout the city using their existing MSO login credentials.

The installations were completed at night during specified maintenance windows so the intrusive nature of the system additions would be less visible to customers.

One of the biggest challenges was enduring the many weather changes which ranged from snow to high winds to hail, lightning and thunder storms to 90 degree heat and back cold again. Omaha does fall into the area of the country categorized as Tornado Alley with malweather typically occurring in late spring.

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