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Proprietary iBISS® Platform on Major FTTP Project in Australia Deployed

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

IMMCO, Inc, a subsidiary of Gibson Technical Services, Inc (“GTS”) has entered into a multi-year agreement with a major infrastructure deployment company in Australia to deploy iBISS®, IMMCO’s advanced GIS-based digital network mapping, collaboration, and workflow platform to improve the efficiency of the buildout of a fiber-to-the-premise (FTTP) project that will provide high-performance broadband to hundreds of thousands of Australian residences.

IMMCO CEO Keith Hayes said, “IMMCO is delighted to equip our partner with IMMCO’s iBISS® platform, which will improve the accuracy, speed, and quality of the complex field data collection and construction processes involved in completing an advanced FTTP network. Hundreds of personnel, from field survey technicians and network engineers to project leadership, will have real-time access to network and design data, enabling efficient collaboration. iBISS® has been a key enabler of effective network buildouts and upgrades from Australia to the US, and it supports not only FTTP topologies, but other infrastructures such as HFC (hybrid fiber-coaxial), distributed-split passive optical architecture, smart city networks, and FTTN (fiber-to-the-node) deployments.”

iBISS® was developed and has been optimized for today’s networks and technologies. It places network construction maps on digital tablets instead of paper, preventing paper-based delays and allowing for instant online field-to-engineering collaboration. It is also equipped with numerous productivity-enhancing tools including virtual-infrastructure overlays on Street View, photo and video capture for documentation or escalation to the engineering design team, and measurement tools to eliminate the need for wheeling or laser-range finding.

IMMCO, INC. has been supporting advanced broadband projects in Australia for more than half a decade. The advanced efficiencies enabled by the deployment of iBISS® will enable network deployment that is more rapid, less expensive, and digitally documented, ultimately resulting in improved network management and operations.

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