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Outdoor Network Solutions

Use innovative solutions to maintain your outdoor network, across all major technologies.

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What do FTTH, HFC, Small Cell, smart city and other modern infrastructure applications require? A partner with the personnel, tools, equipment and safety practices to engineer, construct and support OSP fiber networks across challenging environments. Over our 25 year history, we’ve built thousands of new fiber miles and maintained existing networks exceeding 10,000 sheath miles. Not only have we expanded fiber networks for new service launch, we’ve built county-wide fiber networks from the ground up.

We have provided fiber engineering and construction services to wireline and wireless operators, municipalities and neutral host providers, so we have a thorough understanding of best practices for installation and quality.

  • Right-of-way engineering for fiber and pathway placement

  • CAD design packages

  • Permitting with local and state agencies

  • Underground construction by trench, plow or bore

  • Aerial fiber, support-strand and pole placement

  • Fiber splicing, testing and troubleshooting

Small Cell

Small Cell networks are in high-demand by Tier 1 Mobile Network Operators as annual wireless data continues double digit growth and is on a path to exceed the macro network capacity. Small Cell networks require large quantities of radio nodes and deep fiber across many parts of the country as providers must keep pace with 4G/LTE, and soon, 5G demand.

We are in an elite club of companies with the equipment, experience and “know how” to deploy end-to-end Small Cell networks with hundreds of miles already built nationally. That’s why leading Mobile Network Operators and Neutral Host Providers depend on us to deliver.

  • Node A&E packages and utility pole owner coordination

  • Permitting with local and state agencies

  • Underground and aerial fiber construction between cell tower and node clusters

  • Cabinet placement, coax terminations and fiber splicing

  • Power supply turnup

  • PIM, sweep and fiber performance testing

  • As-built documentation and closeout to Mobile Network Operator MOPs

Image by Ken Friis Larsen

Carrier WiFi

MSOs are clamoring for city-wide Carrier WiFi networks in their path to a Heterogenous network, thus offloading data from core network infrastructure and improving subscriber experience.

Local governments also see the opportunity by delivering outdoor WiFi as cost-effective connectivity for Smart City applications – connecting residents, visitors, IoT sensors, transportation and pubic venues throughout the community. Recently, we have connected cities, college campuses and military bases with outdoor WiFi radios.

This includes a city-wide outdoor WiFi network with more than 500 Cisco wireless APs in a top 50 market.

  • Drive testing and RF mapping

  • Right-of-way engineering for cable and pathway placement

  • Permitting with local and state agencies

  • Cable plant and wireless AP construction

  • MSO verification and performance testing

Broadband Systems

We have more than 25 years of project performance experience for multiple MSO Broadband Systems including CATV network evolutions in major markets. We are considered a strategic supplier of engineering, construction and ongoing field support services to many national MSOs, as well as smaller, independent system operators.

Our market experience sets us apart, as six of the seven largest MSOs continue to depend on us as they have for years. We’ve implemented densely populated cities to regional deployments with a mix of cable plant environments, including projects with 7,000 miles of upgraded 1 GHz HFC network infrastructure and another with over 6,000 miles of spliced coaxial cable with over 210,000 amplifiers and passives.

  • HFC network buildout

  • Bi-directional sweep

  • Return path interference mitigation

  • Power supply maintenance

  • Leakage monitoring and repair

  • Tap audit

  • Bi-directional fiber node optimization

  • Demand maintenance

  • Plant discrepancy audit and repair

  • Plant performance analysis

  • Managed inventory

Carrier Wifi
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