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Outdoor Lifecycle Services

Maintain your outdoor networks at the highest quality.

Outdoor Lifecycle Services: Welcome
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Route Planning & Engineering

Modern broadband is multifaceted with various layers composed of HFC, node equipment, fiber, and other structures. GTS’s work in Broadband Route Planning and Engineering works together to reduce costs for you by evaluating your existing infrastructure.

With feasibility studies spanning numerous projects, GTS can help minimize your expenditures with potential plant design optimization that you may not have considered before planning construction or expansion of an existing system.  

  • Route Planning and Route Analysis 

  • Route Performance Standards 

  • Naming, Latency, and Quality of Service 

  • Link Complications 

  • Mixed Carrier Transmission and Ethernet Metrics 

  • Designing and Consulting Services include: 

  • Design Package for Fiber Optic Routing 

  • Fiber capacity planning 

  • Field Assessment to validate construction pathways  

  • CAD design for permitting and pre-construction services  

  • Small cell engineering  

  • Utility pole ‘make ready’ coordination 

Network Performance Analysis

From transport to end user, we have provided Network Performance Analysis for dozens of regional broadband and mobile networks, which span thousands of route miles in urban, suburban and rural areas. Our engineers are trained to deliver in depth analysis of network performance and correct any performance issue identified, and we do this with our subsidiary that specializes in network design, IMMCO Inc. 

  • Identify an issue with speed, latency, or quality of service in your network. 

  • Identify a network choke point or an area that is congested. 

  • Discover or predict network traffic patterns in order to manage network operations. 

  • Identify or help to improve performance of various components in the network. 

  • Dissect your networks in order to measure its worth and management. 

  • Ensure that your network performance meets or exceeds standards and recommendations. 

  • Identify new or underutilized technology that can enhance or enhance your network's efficiency and performance. 

  • Measure the effectiveness of any sales calls, marketing or advertising campaigns. 

  • Improve the reach and penetration of your network 

  • Improve the load and flexibility of your network. 

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If you are seeking a national partner to complete small or large network construction projects, we can deliver. Since our inception, we’ve built over 5,000 miles of new coaxial and fiber networks.

We maintain a well-managed fleet of heavy construction equipment and tools to install, splice, terminate and test network infrastructure. We perform cable system testing and certification in-house, including fiber characterization, PIM analysis and RF sweep testing. 

• Come to us for quote requests 

• Send us a comprehensive proposal for review 

• Review the proposal to ensure we have all the information 

• Order from our in-house manufacturing floor for the installation 

• Coordinate with local contractors, including material suppliers and supplies 

• Coordinate with our local utility company 

• Complete the installation when ready to receive your payments 

Maintenance, Repair & Emergency Restoration

Whether your system needs ongoing maintenance services or a one-time network tune-up, we can help you to prevent costly network issues or emergency restoration with our full suite of services tailored for mobile, broadband and municipal fiber providers.

We are vastly experienced in planning and rapid mobilization to ensure that carrier-class networks are quickly restored to meet subscriber expectations. We are routinely a carrier’s first call for aerial and underground restoration services following a natural disaster. 

Outdoor Lifecycle Services: Services
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