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In-Building Network Solutions

Make sure you get the best out of your network, regardless of technology.


DAS, Small Cell and RAN

Whether it is one wireless carrier or multiple, we have delivered a diverse range of in-building cellular solutions to support user demand in sports venues, hospitals, airports and Class A office space. Our field services team is trained and experienced in market-leading OEMs across in-building DAS, Small Cell and RAN solutions (both centralized and distributed.)

Our extensive experience is why four out of four Tier 1 Mobile Network Operators choose to work with us.

  • Benchmark testing

  • iBwave design

  • Wireless carrier integration

  • Headend buildout

  • Remote hardware installation

  • Digital power

  • Systems commissioning

  • PIM and sweep testing

  • Cellular network optimization

Public Safety Solutions

Large venues and commercial buildings must be equipped with a Public Safety wireless network that offers interoperability with FirstNet and enables first responder communications during an incident. We deliver solutions that meet local AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) code requirements before building occupancy.

Our field services team has experience in complex environments, including entertainment venues, requiring Public Safety DAS and repeaters that ensure 100% indoor wireless coverage.

  • Benchmark testing

  • iBwave design for 100% coverage

  • Base station and repeater buildout

  • Cable and antenna installation

  • Digital power

  • PIM and sweep testing

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Wireless LAN and Data Networking

Our field services team is fully trained for working with wireless LAN and data networking appliances produced by all of the market-leading manufacturers.

We routinely assemble, load, configure and test WLAN controllers, routers, switches and APs to minimize failure during onsite installation. Our installers are professionals at racking hardware and have placed thousands of 802.11x APs.

Our engineering services team engages in passive surveys through post-installation validation of signal coverage. To support a growing number of mobile devices and applications, our engineers configure components such as switches, firewalls, security appliances, VPNs, APs and user controls into a cloud-based dashboard for performance management.

  • Predictive design

  • RF coverage and performance assessment

  • Staging and warehousing

  • Network configuration

  • Equipment installation

  • Assurance testing

  • Decommissioning and reverse logistics

  • Field support services

Building Systems

Modern building systems are connected via a multitude of low-voltage IP networks and connected devices to drive efficiency, simplify operations, automate production and lower ongoing maintenance costs. These systems can be networked together on a common transport.

Additionally, many businesses and government agencies are shifting digital using pervasive computing. Emerging network technologies, including 5G, software-defined network (SDN) and robotic process automation (RPA), are transforming day-to-day operations and accelerating migration away from legacy networks. Connecting wireless endpoint devices, such as sensors and actuators, that provide data for information and operational technologies (IT/OT) is critical when launching software-driven services and enabling smarter buildings. We are the catalyst for delivering the infrastructure!

  • Pervasive Network Infrastructure

  • Wireless systems

  • IoT devices

  • CATV systems

  • Digital signage

  • Video surveillance

  • Access controls

  • Paging and notification

  • Cabling systems

  • Intelligent patching


Healthcare Technologies

The deployment of Healthcare Technologies is unique because of the controlled work conditions, required technician certifications, field installation tools and the types of connected endpoint devices, such as imaging, nurse call and patient monitoring.

We support national healthcare contracts requiring material logistics, installation and support services within work areas sensitive to hospital staff and patients. Our company is heavily invested in healthcare, offering a lifecycle of services and processes conforming with ISO: 9001-2015.

We have invested in specialized tools for dust containment, biohazard and infection control as required by regional healthcare providers. We are cleared to perform work in hospitals and medical centers around the country, and our dedicated technicians and engineers are dispatched onsite daily.

  • Patient monitoring

  • Nurse call

  • IoT endpoint devices

  • Data networking

  • Indoor wireless

  • IP telephony

  • Physical layer infrastructure

Structured Cabling

Our field services team includes BICSI and manufacturer-certified cabling installers that deliver high-quality structured cabling systems and pathway construction.

We have executed single-site projects consisting of thousands of horizontal cables, built in-building fiber backbones between active components and supported on-demand cabling services nationally.

We have a rich tradition of delivering end-to-end solutions with cabling to support various in-building systems, such as WiFi, cellular and video.

  • Infrastructure assessment

  • Equipment room buildout

  • Pathway construction

  • Horizontal and backbone cabling installation

  • Splicing, termination and testing of copper, coax and fiber

  • Ongoing moves, adds and changes

In-Building Network Solutions: Services
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